The Wrap Up | Wax Off 2010

You ever seen a pair of sneakers held fast in a block of resin? what about a 3ft high skull that was illustrated completely in pencil? pieces like this and more were on display last night at the opening of Wax Off | The Nouveau Surf exhibition at the Greenwood Gallery. I dunno, but maybe you’ve seen a few posts about the show on this site before??

So last night came and went. Wax Off 2010 is now open at the Greenwood Gallery in South Melbourne, a space that surprised me how amazing it is when it’s fitted out with art. If you get the chance, whether it be for the Wax Off show or another, go check the joint out. It’s good.

A good vibe is always accompanied with free beer and we got beer for the event from the fine people at the Otway Estate – thank you Tony! They delivered the beer on the final horn, much to the relief of the thirsty art enthusiasts. The gallery topped out at around 80-100 people, there was an adult with a backpack, a girl who had cowboy spurs in her heels and plenty of flannel/plaids and big boots. The show ran well past it’s scheduled 8pm closing, hard being popular.

My favourite piece? A surfboard Luke Taaffe got shaped and then drew all over. Very nice indeed. Running a hot second was a piece by Luke Morrell, all drawn by pencil.

And if you have ever tried to airbrush something and realised how hard it is, get down to the gallery to take a look at Wade Lewis’ art, he whipped up the Wax Off feature piece in an afternoon – no biggie. haha Its Amazing.

And a big thanks must go to Xavier Davies, the guy who organised the entire shindig while juggling a full time job and a new born grom. Tip o the hat to you Davies on a job well done!

Wax Off 2010
Greenwood Gallery
Otway Estate Beer

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