Summer Essentials :: Wade Goodall


Summer Essentials :: Wade Goodall

Wade Goodall is awesome. Have you been reading up on his Creative Destructive series? It’s been a bit stagnant since he snapped his leg, but before that, Wade was living the dream. Here’s what his essentials are for summer.

1) Shade. It’s the best. The sun is evil.


I’m not a big fan of sun drenched skin, I dont like to peel or want to get cancer. Also girls with nice pale skin rule. Stay in the shade and you will be cool.

2) A fish or a self shaped surfcraft.

Summer means Northerly winds and small waves, so its crucial to have a board that you will always have fun on. Shapeing your own is a great option because you can never hate the very first surfboard you make. So a fun board makes surfing fun. simple. I’ll be riding my single fin i shaped and a channel islands Dumpster Diver. other good summer boards are Mayhem Rockets and Dylans Hovercraft.

3) Shades.


It’s the time of year when you never seem to take off your sunglasses. They are crucial for saving your eyeballs and maybe sneeking a look at a few of the dreamboats getting around. I wear the Borough from Spy You can wear whatever you like.

4) Cotton Buds.


Clear those ears out because summer means music. If you dont have the chance to see some of your favourite bands around the summertime then your listening to some pretty underground shit. I can dig that, but go see someone play this Summer. Theres nothing better then a great live band.

5) High tolerance for humans.

Everyone likes to have a good time in summer. Even the kinds of people you dont like. Everywhere’s crowded, all the carparks are full, theres people playing football on the end section at your local spot. Don’t sweat it, everyone’s having fun. Go sit in the shade and stare at everyone from the safety on your new sunglasses. which look awesome by the way.


Wade surfs for Billabong, Monster, Spy, Vans and a couple of others I can’t remember…

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