Summer Essentials :: Eden Hannon


Summer Essentials :: Eden Hannon

Eden Hannon is a trendy guy. His gig at Rip Curl is Global Mens creative – he makes stuff look good, ads, websites, all that branding jazz. Why’d we pick him for an essential list?

We thought it’d be neat to get some essentials from the people who work in the actual industry. There’ll be a few more but we’ll run with Eden for now as he submitted his own and they are hilarious…

“Instead of going on a rant about what I think is in for summer or essential, I’ve decided i would put together a call out to all brands needing a little inspiration for their summer ranges. What follows is my “Summer Wishlist”, the shit i want to make a comeback into our lives. Five nostalgic pieces I miss in my everyday life.”

1. Hypercolour tees –


These were the shit in the 90’s and I’m crossing fingers for a solid return asap. Pastel oranges, blues and pinks getting all warped and psychedelic with heat, the dude who invented this is a scientific genius. Only issue here was the overweight dads you’d see belting around thinking they were cool as shit, all the while that their arm-pit piss and fat stomach sweat was causing a straight up colour crime scene. I’m guessing now in our techno world that some nerd can figure out how to stop that from happening, but for me it was all part of the beauty of the Hypercolor shirt, that and the tragic spin off ranges including bike shorts and hats that came next.

2. Corduroy Velcro-back Caps


Lets forget the corduroy for a second and focus on the brilliance of Velcro. That shit is wizardry. Throw it on a hat back, light up a doobie, kick back and call it a day. Sure every tough guy at my school got a boner from running up and tearing off my hat strap while yelling “Ripcurl” in my face, but that was nothing compared to the headache delivering “Smartie” craze that would sweep the handball courts later.  Fuck me, who ever thought of taking the game of whack a mole to human level can burn in hell. Oh yeah, corduroy, i admit it doesn’t make that radical “zip-zip” noise when it’s stuck on your head, but it definitely keeps it’s “cool as shit” appeal.

P.S: The casual sex between Velcro and cord isn’t just limited to hats either. Those two are a marriage made in heaven. I’d like to see the revival of some – cord / velcro wallets,  and watches. Even throw a bit of that love on some walk shorts if ya feeling risky.

3. Backprints


Backprints, three words. Bring. Them. Back. You know the ones that ol Wyan and Katut are trying to flog off when you come in from Ulu’s. You might have missed em due to being accustomed to yelling “No!” soon as you hear “Mr Mr” for thousandth time that day but those shirts are 100% dope. Big, colourful prints of a shitty artist impression of waves and surfers doing crappy caves all printed on some A -grade fabric that gives you hives and breaths like your wearing a garbage bag. Yes please.

4. Mongoose Bikes w/ Spokey Dokes


Whats the deal with these biker dudes fanging around on those single-speed-gaycicles these days? I’ve seen a few getting around with these strange hats on with the front brim up and suspenders all one up and one down. They got their chines rolled up to their knees, all sporting moustaches and shit. If i didn’t know any better i would have assumed someone let these guys into a fancy dress cupboard and said pick the strangest most fucked up thing u can see that closely resembles a washed up circus clown who’s been on the piss for two weeks. My Summer Essential Wishlist for transportation; a Mongoose Menace with back-pegs. These bad boys were hot back in the day. That and the Motivator were suburban standards. Big ass tires for skids, back peddle breaks, and some shin destroying pedals that if you slipped while riding up a massive hill (which I’m sure you were planning on skidding your way back down) you would expose 100% shinbone. So epic!

5. The word “Grouse”.


Surfing in particular has a hobble vocabulary to choose from. How do these words even get in there? One day I’m “sick” and the next i’m “frothing”. WTF? Seems all words that define something good these days have to originate in a medical ward. I’m pinning “seizure”, “fitting”, or even “cardiac” to be on the lips of all Bondi kids come summer 2012.

“Beach Burrito was SEIZURING last night”

“I’m FITTING so hard for the next episode of Bondi Vet. That Dr Chris is CARDIAC man”

Where did “grouse” go? I always thought it really rolled off the tongue. Who the fuck knows where it came from in the first place or what it actually means but its better than sounding like your studying to be a brain surgeon all the time.

Anyways, my hope are that come next summer we will all be doing grouse burn outs round town on Mongooses in backprint hypercolours sporting cord/velcro hats.


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