Summer Essentials :: Devine Calloway


Summer Winter Essentials :: Devine Calloway

Back with another Essentials list, another winter one to be exact. Given that summer hasn’t really shown it’s face yet an that it’s winter somewhere in the world, you might dig it. Plus, Devine is a trendyguy… Given he has his own complete signature apparel collection with etnies, you can guess what the majority of his selections will be. But, to be fair, his collection is pretty kick ass. I have a few pieces at home, all are real comfy trendypieces.

1. etnies Bakersfield button up.


This is part of my apparel collection with etnies. It’s a must have for my winter adventures through this concrete jungle in California. Its lightweight materials make it perfect for any Cali winter day.

2. etnies Gothenburg jacket.


Another piece that’s part of my etnies apparel collection. Its perfect for the winter’s rainy weather. With its nylon material and hood, the last thing I’m worried about is the rain.

3. etnies Calloway twill pants.


etnies also made some twill pants for me that are essential for my winter wardrobe. They’re 98 percent cotton and 2 percent twill, so they’re super comfortable for skating or lounging in.

4. North Face RE MEOW sleeping bag.


I’m really looking forward to camping this winter and need a new sleeping bag. I’m really digging this RE MEOW bag because it’s made with 100 percent recycled fabric and insulation, like recycled water bottles, garments fabrics and factory yarn waste, so it’s an eco-friendly bag.

5. North Face Tadpole 23 tent.


Camping season is here so I gotta have a tent. The Tadpole 23 is cool. It has a unique look, mesh canopy and a large D-shaped door so the ventilation and breathability are great, plus it has a taped bathtub floor so I stay dry in the rain.

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