Sneak ‘n’ Destroy

Sneak ‘n’ Destroy is a store. They don’t sell detergent, they don’t sell crumpets and they don’t sell life insurance. They do sell decks. They do sell toys!? And they do sell sneakers.

And they are about to host One Offs – which is a sneaker art show which isn’t a new concept by any means. But this looks fun so keep reading before you get all gruff and close the window…

The show is outlet for the local sneaker heads and local artists to hang out, party and stoke on the creations. Nothing wrong with building community spirit right?!

Every shoe produced at the show will be a one off – hence the name of the show, but with so many ‘exclusive colourways’ being released in the sneaker industry these days, it’s quite easy to become numb to the word limited or exclusive. Hopefully with this show producing legitimate one off’s, the shoes will get some hype..

The show will feature one-of-a-kind sneaker designs by the likes of Claudio Kirac, Christian Halford, Troy Archer, Nick Charmers and ry ry to name a few. And there won’t be two of the same model shoe there neither, the boys have raised kicks from the likes of Adidas, DVS, Element, Nike, Supra and Vans.

It’s on DECEMBER 5TH From 8pm at Neverland Bar at Coolangatta. Music will be provided by Big Bad (Winnie Coopers) and ‘KISS’perience (yep a fully costumed KISS show).

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