Evilgoods Coffin Surfboard

Evilgoods Coffin Surfboard

Seems like it’s novelty day today. One to match back with your printed shark wetsuit so you can look like a crazy Surf Zombie.

Presenting the Evilgoods Underground Surfboard. Obvious this is based off the shape of a coffin. It’s pretty slick looking though. The fin looks insane.

The boards are shaped by Brian Hilbers upon request and retail for a pretty reasonable $850. More info on how to order one here.

I would love to have a crack on it. Give new meaning to the term ‘coffin-ride’.

One thought on “Evilgoods Coffin Surfboard

  • Dennet is a fake ass thief kook
    Who can’t even surf the local breaks here in OSIDE
    Cause everyone here
    knows he’s a fake ass thief kook
    Fuck Evilgoods

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