Evilgoods Coffin Surfboard

By Tim Hawken, On November 9, 2011

Evilgoods Coffin Surfboard

Seems like it’s novelty day today. One to match back with your printed shark wetsuit so you can look like a crazy Surf Zombie.

Presenting the Evilgoods Underground Surfboard. Obvious this is based off the shape of a coffin. It’s pretty slick looking though. The fin looks insane.

The boards are shaped by Brian Hilbers upon request and retail for a pretty reasonable $850. More info on how to order one here.

I would love to have a crack on it. Give new meaning to the term ‘coffin-ride’.

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  • Deathsquadmc

    Dennet is a fake ass thief kook
    Who can’t even surf the local breaks here in OSIDE
    Cause everyone here
    knows he’s a fake ass thief kook
    Fuck Evilgoods