Cynthia Rowley x Roxy

Cynthia Rowley (no relation to Geoff), has just announced a fashion collaboration with Roxy, it’s full of mad retro mini’s and a smoking one piece swimsuit. The range is going to be limited to Barney’s in NY and Colette in Paris for Spring 2010.

The idea came about when iconic American designer Cynthia Rowley met Roxy Executive Vice President of Marketing Randy Hild on the beach in Montauk. An avid surfer, Rowley spends her weekends on the waves with her family during the summers. “The most important thing as a designer is to tell a story, and everything we do contributes to the story,” says Rowley. “This is an authentic and genuine expression of my passion for the surf lifestyle.”

The partnership will continue over the next three years as both brands push the envelope on mixing function and design. “Our mission at Roxy has always been to have one foot in the surf world and the other foot in the fashion world,” says Hild. “Barney’s is a great common ground for both brands to bring that idea into reality. It’s amazing to see the New York and fashion community embrace the surf lifestyle and put a whole new style spin on it. ”

The collection adds fashion to functional pieces like wetsuits and lends function to fashion pieces such as neoprene ballet flats. Consisting of 40 pieces of sportswear, swim and accessories, the Cynthia Rowley for Roxy collection is designed to be everything you need tossed into a canvas duffle for a weekend getaway. Highlights of the collection include a neoprene pencil skirt, oversized, double-knit hoodie, neoprene ballet flats, a neoprene short wet suit and leather sandals with giant silk tassels.

The Cynthia Rowley for Roxy collection will be available in March 2010 with retail prices ranging from $13 to $180USD. In addition to Barneys and Colette, items will be available at Cynthia Rowley and Roxy stores.

No word on availability in Australia as yet, although I’m assured it’s in the works.

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