Saturdays :: Kobe

Saturdays :: Kobe 

Saturday’s continue their global expansion (well, two countries..) by opening their second store in Japan a week ago or so… This one getting the go ahead in the up market area of Kyomachi in Kobe, Japan. Not many shots of the actual party, was kinda more keen to show shots of what the store actually looks like – more images over at HB if you want them..

The store, from the images, looks a little cleaner and perhaps has a bit more room to breathe in there then the NYC ones – Not really to sure on what to make of SNYC these days, I still really dig a lot of their product, however expensive it is, but then, I dunno.. Either way, it’s rad to see them growing and add to that a little tip of the hat that each brand throws with every new range drop. Fair to say these guys are still driving various segments of what the industry is doing/going/…..

Saturdays Surf NYC Kobe
78 Kyomachi
Chuo-ku, Kobe

I really want one of those Colette x Sats towels, they look awesome.


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