It’s been a big year for shades, eyewear, deceivers, what ever you call them – sunglasses perhaps? A lot of new brands coming in hot. A lot of brands product extending. One brand, THRILLS, is about to enter the market – TODAY. Why? Cause the founder of THRILLS has already built up an eyewear brand before, knows what he’s doing, and does enjoy eyewear himself.

So we thought we’d give him five to get up on the soapbox and tell us about what/why/when w.THRILLS. Ladies and Gentlemen, we give you Mr Brooke McGregor and THRILLS Eyewear.
If you don’t want to read the interview, fine. Head over to Thrills for a full look at the collection, which you can buy right now.

EA – What’s your main goal with THRILLS Eyewear?

BM – It’s to create original shades that represents our brands Lo-Fi direction. Our shades are not extreme throwaway fade fashion pieces, we have created timeless unique shapes that represent THRILLS and our projects movement. 3 styles 2 colors, very simple.

EA – Why shades as your first major product category extension? Will other categories follow? If so, when?

BM – Our project is based in tropical paradise so I guess shades are the next obvious extension. 

EA – And why? Why bring a new brand into the shade market? Right now there are a few other brands launching – Valley, Epokhe, Wonderland and others… What makes you think that there’s money to make? What is it that THRILLS is bringing to the market that the others, both new and old, aren’t?

BM – The market is broken down, it’s rebuilding as we type. The retail landscape has changed and is changing with an apocalyptic feeling in the air – it’s a new beginning. We don’t see our shades as opening a “new” category – more an extension of our current project.

EA – In your opinion what makes a good pair of shades.

Construction wise?

BM – Good handmade construction combined with the highest quality materials is very important.  

Style wise?

BM – As for style, well….style is everything. Less is more.  

EA – What materials are u using for the construction?

BM – Our solid relationship with our factory is paramount. We have sourced the highest quality acetates and metals available combined with finest craftsmanship.  

EA – And what lenses are you running with?

BM – We use a quality CR39 lens 

EA – Apart from online, where will it be available on launch? And are you shipping OS?

BM – The shades will be available at our current dealers ( and on our webstore  

EA – Price Points?

BM – All 3 styles and colors will be $179.95 

EA – Where do you see THRILLS sitting in the market? Next to which brands? Catering to which consumer? 

BM – Our current selected dealers all carry great brands, so our shades will be in good company I’m sure. Keep your eyes peeled. Thanks for the support Empire Ave.  


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