Summer Essentials w/ Beau Campi

Summer Essentials w/ Beau Campi

The global boardshorts designer for Billabong, Beau Campi, lives and breathes an endless summer. Hailing from the Gold Coast, Beau also spends half the year in the USA soaking up the Californian rays. He’s like Bohdi from Point Break, but instead of robbing banks he makes threads for a living.

Beau is more qualified than most to advise on the key items needed to enjoy that special time of year we call Summer. Here are his top 5 picks for the season:

A small wave lover

Get ya self a craft that will get you pumped to surf! The onshore summer winds and lack of swell make it hard to get motivated, but if you have a little gem it’ll get you out there. I’ve got a Dan McDonald twinnie that I just love! It’s about 6 years old but it’s the goods. Picked up a Merrick round tail neck beard that’s been fun too

A Treddley

There’s something about riding a bike that brings me back to a grom, the fact that it was your means of transport to surf, school and friends. It was freedom!! My lovely lady gifted me a Linus, a clean good looking, classic Swedish designed masterpiece with pedal brakes!! Lunch with friends and a couple of hydration stops, is my idea of a great Sunday ride.


Summer and boardshorts are best friends. I always end up with a favorite pair I just thrash for the summer. It looks to be the the Invert Waikiki I designed for Stab, it’s ticking all the boxes for me right now especially the fabric! Gave them a good old flogging in Bali last week.


I like hats.┬áThe 5 panel is a summery look, no bulky extras and I don’t look like a gangsta. Plains, prints or colour blocked there are plenty of options. Just like trunks

A Daybed

Part sun, part shade, breeze flowing with a view! There’s nothing like having a cuppa and taking in what the day is gonna bring. But, what I most enjoy is at the end of the day getting horizontal and retiring to the daybed to wind down or even a sneaky cat nap! It’s the most used item of furniture in my house I think.

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