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Next run of the Summer Essentials is from Sam McIntosh. Sam’s the guy who started STAB (& STAB Style), he’s also the guy who used to make Our People magazine for General Pants, This & That mag for SurfStitch and came up with Taj’s signature collection a few years back. And if you read his interview with Empire way back when, you’ll know he enjoys different things.

So, onto Sam’s essentials, and to intro, we lifted the below from the email he sent us…
“Here is my hipster, faggot, pretentious, wanker, gay fucktard list. All of which descriptions are completely accurate. Goddamn I’m gonna get torched.”

1. O’Neill trunks.


The best boardies I’ve found. There’s a small movement happening in O’Neill Australia with Rama McCabe working the keys. These guys have really good attention to detail. And, they’re original, too, not just a washed-out marble rinse or pared back trunk like so many kicking round. The length is right-on as well, sitting just above the hinge.

2. Pendleton blankets.


I just did a month in the US and a good friend turned me onto these while I was there. They’ve got lots of cool prints that are mostly American-Indian inspired along with US national park versions. They’re perfect for the beach or when rooftop parties chill down a little.

3. Domaines Ott.


This has to be the best drink in the world. Everything from the colour to the shape of the bottle to the taste is so goddamn summer. Probably better with female company than watching footy with your pals, however. It’s the best wine you’ll ever taste. Pretentious, expensive, awesome.

4. Saturdays NYC tees.


I stumbled upon one of these tee at Incu in Sydney. And, please forgive the gross name drop here but Taj Burrow knew I liked em and brought back a five-pack from NYC after he was there for the Quik event. I’m kinda tired of plain tees and don’t really dig on kiddie art so these work. The cuts and fabric are good, too. And, btw, how good is the rise of the new surf shop! These guys, Thalia in California and then the Sugarmill in Sydney.

5. FEIT kicks.


I really like high tops and these ones are designed to be worn without socks so it helps steaming feet in the warmer months. These are hand-sewn kicks that only get made once they reach the order capacity. They take a couple of months to be put together and delivered.

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