Summer Essentials :: Luke Stedman


Summer Essentials :: Luke Stedman

Were back with another round of ‘Summer Essentials’, this time Luke Stedman threw us his thoughts. Mr Stedman, it could be argued, was one of the first gents of the modern era who brought a stronger focus to fashion and how one looks when venturing out. Now onto creating his own label, Insted We Smile, we thought we’d find out what Luke is amping for this Summer…

1/ Vertra. This is an essential.


Slow down the ageing process with this gear and it also may save your life. There is a signature Mick Fanning clear zinc releasing this December. Check out for products and to purchase on line.

2/ Insted We Smile Tee haha


Got to have one of these bad boys. Has to be one of the coolest tees on the block at the moment. hahahaha

3/ Vintage Leather Kicks


Im really into old leather shoes right now. I like having a unique pair that you can wear all the time. Nice to be solo on the kick front too.

4/ Lots of freshly sliced water mellow.


On a hot summers day there is nothing more refreshing.

5/ My hot girl in a bikini and my lil big dog.


Do i need to explain why i would want these things? Me thinks not.

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