Summer Essentials :: Kane Skennar


Summer Essentials :: Kane Skennar

Kane Skennar is a kick ass photographer, this means he knows all about good light and weather. Something Summer provides in boatload, who better to ask about what is essential in summer then a person who live in summer 24/7?

1/ AW100 Nikon Coolpix….


This camera is the best waterproof camera ive had so far,the images look sharp,the video is rad and it takes the picture when u press the fucking button!!!!!

2/ Diawa Saltist spinning reel


As im partial to getting out there and spinning a feed off a Boat or Sup this summer, as fish are ment to be caught not bought!!!!!!!!

3/ A good Kombi


Lets you get out of the city and hit the coast…..wherever u are or whoevers on the roof filming….!!!!

4/ Shades


Gotta have some crazy ass sunnies to make the girls think I’m an artist or something wack… It just don’t cut it wearing that Ray Ban style anymore! ha!

5/ Superfood Smoothies


I live on Superfood Smoothies and without this piece of equipment in my life,summer would totally suck!!!! It will blend anything u put in it, even an iPhone…..haha

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