Summer Essentials with Dion Agius


Summer Essentials :: Dion Agius

‘member earlier in the week how we shared with you what Chris Friend thought was essential for the coming summer period? yeah, you read it… well we also mentioned we spoke to a few other people as well. One of them is here right now, Mr Dion Agius.

Here’s what Dion is running this summer….

1/ A longboard.


I have an old one of my dads he gave me years ago. Its amazing fun for shitty small summer days.

2/ Sunglasses.


Whether its protecting your eyes or hiding them so you can be a creep sunglasses are much need over the summer. Im launching a Sunglass brand this summer with some good friends called EPOKHE so keep an eye out.!

3/ A collection of Plain white/black tees with a really good fit.


When all else fails and your on the way out to the bar to try and pick up some bronzed summer babes a nice fitting black or white plain tee will never let you down.

4/ Pants. Not jeans, pants.


Globe did an amazing range of pants this season called the good stock that are an essential. Some great colours that are smack on trend for this summer. Forget about wearing walkshorts especially if its evening time.

5/ Some sexy trunks.


They don’t have to be so short that everyone can see your pasty white legs or just about make out your junk hanging out the bottom. But just a nice above the knee fit with a cool little print. Paisleys, florals and navajo prints are pretty big this season. i really love cotton boardshorts as well i think people under estimate how comfortable they really are.

6 thoughts on “Summer Essentials with Dion Agius

  • ahhhh real person, so quick to condemn…

    if you’re not a fan of what Dion’s keen on for this summer, what are you keen on?
    how about you piece together what you think are 5 essentials for summer and share it with us?
    it’d only be fair to allow the rest of the world to comment on what you think right?

  • to “areal person” , your just like all the other TRUE wankers who all dress alike. Why dont you go to the tilly’s website and order some hurley or volcom clothes like all the other barns that are afraid of wearing something different because you might get made fun of by the other turkey’s like yourself.Then everyone will know you surf (even though you probably dont). ¬†Thats great though you guys can all show up to the bar looking the same with your $30 t-shirts/walking billboards covered in logos from company’s that all sell the same shit. Instead of wearing whatever you want, being an individual and not giving a shit what people think. Hipster fashionista…..more like someone with enough confidence to wear what they want. Its called individual style.¬†

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