Single Fin Bali

Single Fin Bali

The raddest place in Indo outside of the barrel.

This concept is not just a surf shop, but is a bar and cafe to boot. Decked out with fittings made from the wood of old Indo fishing boats, the joint just oozes character. The colours of the paint, sanded back to reveal what’s underneath its a neat touch.

Single Fin Bali has two locations, one out at Uluwatu and one in Seminyak. The Ulus spot is pretty much the hang on a Sunday night with live music, djs and even some night surfing on occasion. It has the best view you could hope for of sunset barrels, serves cold Bintangs and hot pizzas. If you happen to be out there and want to go for a surf, but forgot your stuff, the shop can hook you up with some boardies and a sled.

I really like the attention to detail the owner Tai Graham has put into Single Fin. Right down to cowbell lights above the bar, or rope trim around all the mirrors in the change room. It’s great to see well thought out and curated ideas come to life. Tai says that the concept was just to put all the things he loves into one place. Art, Surf, Music, Food and Beers. Sounds good to me. To back it up, they even sell guitars and photo prints from various artists.

Stay tuned for more from these guys. If you’re in Bali at any stage, make a point of visiting Single Fin. You’ll be happy you did.


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