MF1 – An Interview w/Mick Fanning

MF1 – The Interview

Mick Fanning has a new signature piece that’s just been released with Rip Curl. It’s a boardshort, it’s red and black and it’s made from 1 piece of material – which I think is pretty impressive. Granted, I’m not a designer, don’t know my way around Illustrator or a sewing a machine, but I’m thinking this is pretty good…

To get more of an insight into the whole process,  we got Mick to answer a few questions about his new short, signature products and some other things that are completely off topic. Am thinking tomorrow or the next day we’ll have more info about the short itself, the process of designing it, etc. But if you want to buy this right now – head over to RC. 

EA – They say there’s only 1 Mick Fanning – have you met another Mick Fanning?

MF – No never met another Mick Fanning but I’m sure they are out there (EA – a quick google results in this > 

EA – Are you lightening fast?

MF – In what situation haha 


EA – Your new boardies look pretty rad, one piece of material.  In your mind, from using the shorts, what are the pluses of one piece of material work vs the old technique of multiple panels?

MF – The one panel reduces seams and seems create rashes so the less seams the less rash. Also it’s just another spec that is only on that short.

EA – What level of input did you have in creating them? Are you educated in boardshort tech? Legnths, materials, cuts working to the body, etc??

MF – When designing its always a combined effort and a lot of tooing and froing. Had a bit to do with the look and length but the whole one piece creation was Rip Curl. I was really stoked they wanted me to use it cause its really comfortable. 


EA – There’s no all black stealth pair? All year, you’ve been allblackeverything – when can we expect the all black pair to release?

MF – No all black pair in the pipeline as we speak. Couple of colour ways that you may not expect just to really confuse you ahhaha 

EA – The clip that got released with the boardies is just the start of an entire MF campaign/collection right? Must be pretty exciting to be working on a proper collection, what’s the aim with what you’re creating? How many pieces? Do you know when it’s being released?

MF – Yeah I was lucky enough to design a range with Rip Curl that is really all about making traveling easier. The whole idea is to keep the products light and easy to put together but not to look like your stock standard surf wear. Number of pieces are not confirmed as of yet, but there is a good number and it will be released in 2013 

EA – What’s three things you look for when designing a new signature boardshort?

MF – Firstly the fit is a big thing. You want a pair of shorts that is comfortable and doesn’t rash you out. Then the look comes next because you have to wear them all year, you need to be really stoked on how they look as you don’t want to be like “am I wearing these things again? 

EA – And you have a fair few signature pieces out there these days, what’s the factors/elements you look to include with any signature product you put your name too?

MF – First and foremost it’s got to be something you use. No use selling something with your name on it if you’re not going to use it. Then you add a little of yourself and get it going 

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