Traveling w/Steph Smith & Brooke Meredith

Fair to say I could have come up with a better title then ‘Traveling w/Steph Smith & Brooke Meredith’, I agree. But sometimes the clock gets you and just need to ship it – thanks Seth. My whinging aside on not managing my time correctly, the title is pretty on point for what the article is about. We had a chat with Steph (Claire) Smith and Brooke Meredith – two models who travel around doing what models do. Part of the gig is a lot of travel, so it made sense to chew the fat about traveling – rather then their diets or workout habits or something that Cosmo might ask.

Stephanie Claire Smith

Along with the interview we managed to nail a shoot with them, thanks Mr Higgs, so there’s photos to go with the questions. Question is, will you read the Q&A or just flick thru the images?

So yeah, onwards —–

EA – Steph, you live in NYC now, whats the best and worst thing about the move and living there?

Steph – I suppose the best thing is that I’m experiencing living on my own whilst over here. Back at home I live with my parents and brother still, and don’t get me wrong, living at home is great, but I’ve definitely grown a pretty strong form of independence now and I know when I head home I’ll be moving out. Another great thing about New York is that there are some really entertaining weirdos around haha. I have a habit of people watching, and it’s a lot more interesting over here than back in Melbourne. Worst thing about being over here is (apart from the obvious of missing friends, family and my dogs) American guys are annoyingly confident. They will literally walk straight up to you and pull out the most ridiculous pick up lines… Sometimes I’m like.. ‘Does that seriously ever work for you!?’ And I’m not talking in a bar or club, I’m talking about on the st, in a shop, in the subway station… It’s ridiculous.

Traveling w/Steph Smith & Brooke Meredith

EA – Brooke, you’ve spent a bit of time living over in Shanghai and Singapore whats the best and worst thing about the move and living there?

Brooke –
Best: If I’m combining the both I would say the best part about living O.S was not having to cook for my boyfriend every night. Haha but no, on a serious note; In countries like China you are surrounded by so much culture, history and diversity. You’re a little fish in the big sea. Not knowing the language and traveling by yourself forces you to grow in more ways then one. Meeting amazing people and making life long friendships is defiantly up there on the Pro’s 

Worst:  Usually food it the best part of travel but if you are like me who’s gluten intolerant and allergic to everything under the sun you need to live in a bubble. Unfortunately that bubble doesn’t expand to most of Asia so I found it very difficult to find foods easily for my dietary requirements. Of course I missed my loved ones back home but as the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

Traveling w/Steph Smith & Brooke Meredith

EA – You obviously both travel a lot for work, and while traveling for work is great. It’s still work. Where are three places you’re really aiming to travel to for holidays and why? 

Steph –
i – Croatia – my boyfriend josh traveled the world this year and he couldn’t stop raving about it, so it must be pretty fantastic.
ii – South Africa – I’d love to go on safari!

iii – Australia – you’re probably thinking… ‘Errr dummy.. You live there’ but I want to jump in a van one day and drive around the whole thing! There’s so much in Australia that I haven’t seen.

Brooke –
I just got back from Paris otherwise that would have been top of my list. As you mentioned we travel a lot for work so when I holiday I literally want to be shoe-less, clothe-less, with sand between my toes in

i – Maldives
ii – Mexico
iii – Greek Islands

Stephanie Claire Smith

EA – What are some of the best things you’d hype up about your hometown/city for people who might wanna swing on thru? 

Steph – Easy, best coffee and brunch spots in the world. I’m a massive foodie, and one thing I really miss about Melbourne is all the amazing brunch cafés!

Brooke – Besides the obvious; The best coffee.. I would have to say Melbournes breakfast culture. If you are a lover of brunch dates, we are absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to delicious healthy cafes. You don’t even need to get in your Sunday best, as long as you are wearing some form of workout gear and bring your freshly manicured Labra-doodle you will fit right in.

Traveling w/Steph Smith & Brooke Meredith

EA – When flying, what are your Carry-On essentials? and flying routine?

Steph –
Eye mask, 
sleeping tablets (for flights over 6 hrs), earphones (the ones they give you are shitty), snacks (like fruit and nuts)

I don’t know my routine! I fly so so so much though I just switch into auto pilot and follow the leader really… I just want to get on and off that plane as quickly as possible. I use to love flying because it meant watching movies… But I fly so often now that I’ve seen them all.

Brooke –
I always take my own healthy snacks, m
oisturizer as flights are super dehydrating on your skin, a good book. Toothbrush and a change of clothes to freshen up on long halls.

Traveling w/Steph Smith & Brooke Meredith

EA – Best travel tips to share with our readers? 

Steph – My tip is to just go! So many people talk about traveling or saving for traveling or places they wana go… My advice is to just bloody do anything in your power to do it. There’s nothing more incredible then learning about and experiencing other cultures and environments.

Brooke – Google is your best friend, research and plan it’s a massive time saver but also don’t be afraid to go with the flow, some of my best experiences have come from a whim.  

EA – What’s the first thing you do when you roll up in a new joint?

Steph – Susa out the good restaurants – I told you, I’m a foodie. I get obsessed with planning out what restaurants and cafés I want to try while I’m there haha.

Brooke – Go for a walk and suss out my surroundings. Food is usually number one priority after a long flight so best thing I find is stretching the legs and stuffing my face. I’m also known to check every cupboard to see what I can find.

Stephanie Claire Smith

EA- Tech wise, we’re all gadget nerds deep down. Beyond catering to your instagram audiences, what are some travel apps (or apps in general) you find helpful/addictive or straight up stupid and killing brain cells?

Steph – Words with friends, hanging with friends… And yelp (like urbanspoon, a restaurant/cafe finder)

Brooke – Sorry to disappoint I’m fairly boring in the tech sense I’m not much of an app person my attention span is way too short for that. However I do like this app Duo lingo an app for learning languages. That’s my inner nerd coming out.

Traveling w/Steph Smith & Brooke Meredith

Fashion quickly, seeing you both work in fashion —
*Fashion trend you grew up loving – 

Steph – crop tops, funnily enough I still wear them…
Brooke – Whilst I was rolling the skate shoes with mini skirts during the 90’s I grew up loving every single piece of clothing Alica Silverstone wore in Clueless.  

*Fashion trend you hate – 
Steph – whenever ‘fluro’ comes in

Brooke – I’m not sure if it’s a trend but you will never see me in a pair of Crocs.

*Fashion trend you think is coming –
Steph – well literally everything else from the 70s-90s has come back at some point so I’m guessing maybe the flared jeans will make a come back.
Brooke – Quadruple denim.. Fingers crossed!

*3 fashion tips for guys?
Steph –
*Don’t wear jeans and runners
*Don’t wear t-shirts 2 sizes too small just to show off your muscles
*Don’t try too hard, a plain tee and jeans is always a perfect simple go-to that you can’t go wrong with

Brooke –
*Don’t underestimate how good a well-groomed man can look with a simple white tee and denim jeans.
*Say no to tight jeans. Fitted and slim yes, but when they are tighter than your girlfriends it’s just not cool.

*If you have stubble you can totally rock a slouch beanie. Then maybe pass me your number..

Just kidding…  I’ll be in trouble for that comment.  

Traveling w/Steph Smith & Brooke Meredith


Shoot credits…
Photography: David Higgs @higgsy7
Hair and Makeup: Kate Fletcher @katefletcher_hairandmakeup
Styling: Elaine Marshall @lainylainylainy
Models: Brooke Meredith @brookiechook & Steph Smith @stephclairesmith from Chadwick Models
Photography Assistant: Chris Bagot @bagoc


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