Cuban Fidelity w/Walker Ryan & Michael Mackrodt

This is not technically a travel video but definitely a travel video. I’m a huge fan of Patrik Wallner’s style of skate videos and Cuban Fidelity definitely makes me want to get on a plane to Havana stat. I’m dying to get in on one of his trips (Patrik, I’ll carry your camera bags!). Courtesy of Redbull, he, Walker Ryan, and Michael Mackrodt head to Cuba to shoot this bad boy.

Here’s some info from the Redbull site:

“Time stands still in Cuba, as the old US cars and vast colonial mansions vie for your attention. If you’re on the lookout for a beautiful background for your skateboarding, there’s no place like this Caribbean island.”

Even though the Castro brothers are becoming older and Cuban society is now on the verge of transformation, things change slowly in Havana. Videographer Patrik Wallner and skateboarders Walker Ryan and Michael Mackrodt took what may prove to be their last chance to visit the ‘untouched’ Cuba. Enjoy!”

Follow Patrik’s visually stunning work and travels at his site, Visual Traveling. And a little behind the scenes clip here.

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