72 Hours

Gear Patrol is a great site. Have you visited before? You should if you haven’t, it’s a proper rabbits hole of content that is actually useful…

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 9.56.51 AM

One of things I’ve been a fan of lately is their ’72 Hours’ features. It’s a travel guide of sorts to a variety of places, but outlines things you can do/see there within a 72 hour period (ie, a weekend). Most are America based (south and north), which is understandable given the site is US based and it’d take a lot longer then 72 hours to go other places..


The one’s we’ve been excited the most about include ::
*Chicago – Hancock building, the lakes, and Michael Jordan!
*Portland – Coffee, Beards, Flannels!
*Toronto – Who doesn’t want to see views from the 6!?

There’s plenty more on offer, head over to Gear Patrol for a deeper look into them all…


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