Komono Watches

Komono Watches

Hadn’t heard about Komono until earlier today when their photos caught my eye. Not a new layout, but an interesting one nonetheless – and I liked it. Taking the strap of the watch and matching it to the background was nice. It’s the simple things that work.

Anyway, Komono have just dropped a couple of pieces from it’s upcoming Wizard Print Watch Series – anything with Wizard in it has the be good right? Fortunately they didn’t make the name up, it’s the name of one of their styles – The Wizard. It’s a simple, clean looking watch, would go with most outfits regularly. But this timie round you might want to be a little more aware of what you wearing before putting one of these on your wrist…

Going with Camo, the all too trendy right now Navajo, some Rose Garden and rounding it out with Pied de Poule. All colorways feature a matte metal case and authentic leather detailing. Due out in October via Komono’s online store

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