The Best Trave Instagram Accounts

Instagram. An app that totally distracts me from doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

Travel. An activity that distracts me from living a ‘normal, socially expected life’.

But, seriously, fuck normal – you (and I) should be getting out and travelling more. Odds on you’ll hear it more than once from me, travelling is one of the best lessons (and most fun) you can get in the world.

But, back to Instagram and the glut of travel accounts on there – whether viewing my friends’ accounts to see what they are up to or getting inspired by accounts that inspire travel and fantasizing about the next destination. Here are a handful of my favourite accounts that invoke serious wanderlust. Please note that not all of the accounts are dreamy, a handful of them show real life in foreign destinations.


Chris Burkard –

a self taught photographer based in central California with a lot of surf, travel, and lifestyle shots. His account makes me want to be a super outdoorsy person.
burkard instagram


Paul Nicklen

a Nat Geo photographer and conservationist. I follow a handful of Nat Geo photo society photographers.

paul nicklen instagram


Foster Huntington

A designer who left his job to travel around in his van. He has caused some serious road trip lust in me.

foster huntington instagram


Uncornered Market

an account by Dan & Audrey Noll, a married couple who are travel photographers and bloggers.

uncornered market instagram


Murad Osmann

Everyone knows his photos. A photographer who gets dragged around the world by his hot model girlfriend. Guys want the girlfriend, I want to go to the destinations.

murad osmann instagram


David Guttenfelder

an Associated Press photographer based in Asia. His photos are not dreamy but real life in Asia. I got hooked when I came across his coverage of North Korea and Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

david guttenfelder instagram


Nat Geo Travel

I guarantee that everyone follows at least one of the Nat Geo accounts. I follow their regular account and their travel account.

nat geo travel


There’s a real good chance we left out a bunch of accounts that nail it for travel lust. Do you have any favorite accounts? Leave their account names or link in the comments.

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