– Extended Leave –

Random post title I know, more so considering we’ve only started posting again this week.
But. We need to rehash, redesign, and get excited again. So we’re taking the rest of the month off…

We might be back, but this might also be the last post on Empire Ave.

It’s been ten years (next month) and while it’s been a shit ton of fun, it is hard to keep the lights on without any $$$ coming in – and I haven’t found a revenue model I’d be happy to implement into the site, so…

We’ll spend the rest of the month looking at a possible re-design and seeing if that can fit into the idea of where a site like Empire Ave needs to sit today. We’re thinking that if we keep going, it’s less posts and better stories (ideally) – meaning maybe 1 post a day, but most likely about 3 a week plus a solid newsletter.

Think along the lines of —
*Product Reviews
*Style Diaries
*Interviews – across industry, design and outside influences
*Brand Profiles
*Behind Empire Lines & Front Line Pieces
*Basically what-ever is in the features..

Cheers for the support, views, feedback and opportunities over the last ten years. It’s been a blast, and both Tim and I have been stoked to pull this site together and keep it floating – especially when April 1 comes around. We’ll let you know when/if we’re kick starting this little project again soon..