Sacred Craft.

Sacred Craft.

Sacred Craft has a simple philosophy; it is all about the surfboard. And just quietly how good are surfboards!! So. Much. Fun. I have some bodyboard mates, but fuk, I’m so stoked I ride a surfboard and not a lid… Way more fun. It’s this train of thought in my mind that makes me excited about Sacred Craft.

Sacred Craft is a tradeshow based all about surfboards. I’ve never been, but I’d imagine it’d be awesome. Mr Matt Biolos is going to be there. And why talk about him? Well, he recently shared some images of boards he is going to showing at Sacred Craft. And because he is defending champ in the Masters Shape Off… Take a peek at the boards (and his blog). Am loving how much fluro/80’s style he is putting on his (& Kolohe’s boards lately)…

If your around So Cal, head down to the show.

WHO: Surfers, Shapers, Designers, Craftsman, Manufacturers
WHAT: Surfboards and the culture that flows from them.
WHEN: Saturday Oct 8 10am- 6pm & Sunday Oct 9 10am-4pm
WHERE: Del Mar Fairgrounds Exhibit Hall
WHY: Because surfers really only care about two things; waves and the equipment to ride them with.

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  • I know what you mean about surfing being more fun than riding a lid….but sometimes, just sometimes, taking a bodyboard out in a thicky sandy shorey can still be super fun!

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