Rip Curl Omega

Rip Curl Omega

This is epic. Maybe not for anyone under 30, but for those of us who need walking sticks, have painkiller addictions and revel in stories of yesteryear, it’s quite a treat. Oh and anyone who loves Mr Curren will find pleasure in this.

The Omega. Once Rip Curl’s flagship wetsuit model (before the E Bomb’s and Dawn Patrol’s), the Omega was Tom Curren’s suit of choice when he was out and about demoralising the surfing world en-route to this third world title (have you seen footage from Santa Cruz? goddamn he was on fire!). It’s been 20 odd years since that year of fury from TC, and to help celebrate that milestone the gents in the wetsuit dept at Rip Curl have decided to re-release the Omega! yes! bring back the Chris Brown Wraparounds! (the surfer, not the lame rapper kids)

The suit is a complete remake of Tom Curren’s suit from back then, right down to the paneling and logo placement – epic, it’s even got the old school four color Rip Curl word. The advertising back in the day featured Curren just before taking out his 3rd World Title in 1990. The suit comes in two colors, a more hmmmm black and blue color way and a superbly glorious cream/peach that should be the color that garners all the attention, retail dollars and visibility in the water.

The Omega Limited Edition is pretty much spot on in terms of look as it’s yesteryear (i used yesteryear twice!) cousin, the materials used are on point with todays technology – with 100% E3 neoprene (the lightest, most flexible and warmest neoprene ever), Batwing and a Blue Steel Zip.

In stores now at Rip Curl Flagships and others. Also online too! (but only in hmmm black an blue)

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