James Brand x Discommon

Adding to their mix of eclectic, ergonomic and aesthetically intricate designs, Discommon Goods is pleased to announce an exclusive collaboration with The James Brand – makers of sleek, minimal everyday-carry knives and tools.  Joining their family of stunning knives is ‘The Swell’, a limited edition Discommon x The James Brand pocket knife based on their best-selling Chapter knife

The two like-minded design teams set out to craft a knife with fresh aesthetic and a departure from the often military driven knife world. With extensive milling textures to represent the turmoil and smooth balance in an ocean wave, The Swell, layers an element of functional geometry to create the ultimate tactile grip without sacrificing an ounce of clean and simple design.

‘The Swell’ caters to designers, architects and adventuring artisans. Paying homage to the shared love of the surf between the 2 design teams, Nick Garfias (also designer of the previously released Discommon Straight Razor) looked to model the handle after the swell of an incoming ocean wave. The lip divides the intricately machined texture representing the rough inside of a wave and the perfectly calm backside. The overall shape provides ergonomic fit and exceptional grip.