Welcome to the New Berrics

Welcome to the New Berrics

Well we know what the fucks going on with The Berrics!

Much like the resurrection of Jesus, The Berrics was pronounced dead and then rose again a few days later.

They have a whole new park that’s bigger and better than before. The introduction clip ‘Rebirth’ is rad! A bunch of skaters showcasing what can be done on the different sections of the park while Koston talks you through it. Some serious hammers are gonna go down in this place…

As for the site itself, the new layout is a lot better and heaps easier to navigate. You no longer have to go through by day to find the clip you want to see, the flow and feel of the site is a massive improvement. They seem to have made a bit more space for advertising too (I guess that’s what’s paying for the new park) with a banner ad separating every couple of posts.

Anyway I’m not telling you anything you can’t figure out by checking it out for yourself so hit up theberrics.com


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