Keeping you dry for Summer

Terrence is back and soaking up the sunshine. Today they launched there new video for their Endless Summer III Range of clothing which looks rad. The line sees the launch of the new ‘Inverse Short’ which will keep you dry from the inside out, with comfy towel on the inside and vibrant patterns on the outer.

Whether your getting dry after a hard day in the surf, hopping out of the pool from a swin or simply using it to dry your hands, Terrence is there to keep you dry and relaxed all summer. Terry Towel was a pioneer in the 1970’s with its brash and striking flavours that caught the eye of fashion luminaries all over the world. Terry knew that there was no fabric with more character comfort or style of Terrence Towel.

Enjoy there party vid or head over and check out Terrence’s site.

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