Bozwart Belgian Beer

Bozwart Belgian Beer Packaging

Do you enjoy the packaging of a product you’ve bought? I get so amped when I get something is packaged well, like an extended connection with the brand. The packaging on anything you buy is half the experience – the unwrapping is part of the excitement, holding the item and observing it in all it’s designed glory is part of journey. I have no real idea where I’m heading with this, I guess I’d love to see more attention paid to this area..

Most consumer based products tend to get lost with packaging, some brands nail it, others disregard it. I know it’s kinda hard with softgoods and other products that you buy in a retail store (ugh, plastic bag), but with the amount of purchasing happening online now, a brand really has an amazing opportunity to communicate a huge part of their brand from the first click, to the delivery, unwrapping and initial use of the product.

Anyway, back to these wonderfully crafted looking beer bottles. Designed by Aik Chin Teoh as part of her course at RMIT university – the brief of the project was to establish a new Belgian beer identity and packaging design differentiable from its competitors such as Leffe, Hoegaarden and Duvel.

Kinda just loving the whole aesthetic of it, a more refined shape for the bottle – more wine then beer appeal, which make the beer feel quite a lot more premium. The font and the golden rays coming off it add that extra bit of pop which would allow it to jump off the shelf at you.

And yeah, I have no idea where I was going with this post other then pay attention to packaging. For brands > It’s part of the experience a consumer receives when purchasing an item from your brand. For consumers > next purchase, take note of what you receive…

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