80’s Surf Advertising

80’s Surf Advertising

Was stumbling thru taaffedingo’s site last night and came across a great little collection of ad shots from the 80’s that he’d posted up. Had to share, it provided too much laughter not too..

As Luke put it: “Ads in Surf Magazines do not interest me these days. Maybe I’m trying to re-live my days as a grommet because I love the over-saturated colours, art & content of 80’s/90’s advertising.”

There’s a moody shot of Luke Egan all razorbladed out, Mr Ke11y Slater when he was slicing up O’Neill and Freestyle stickers for his board. A really really amazing Billabong ad of Skeletor (Richie Collins) in trunks and webbed gloves! Add to that a TC hook under the lip with some ghetto dog style art and of course what’s the 80’s without some high lined bikini ads? Cheetah (I actually heard a whisper these guys are brining it all back?)

Check out more gloriousness over at Taaffe’s site.

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