So I grabbed these images of the Vans/Marvel Collection from Defgrip purely because they had the funniest post title I think I’ve seen…  Go on, read it again and tell me your not even just giggling a little? hahaha

Anyway, Marvel and Vans have spat out a rad little collection featuring the most iconic Super Heroes of all time. “The collection will launch with Iron Man and Spider-Man, each individually depicted on Vans Classic silhouettes for adults, kids and toddlers with a second delivery in March featuring the most powerful Super Hero team in the world, The Avengers.

Spider-Man and Iron Man will debut for the first time on the Vans Era and Sk8-Hi Reissue shoes. Taking on the signature colors of his red and blue suit, the Spider-Man Sk8-Hi Reissue features an embossed spider web on premium red suede while the Iron Man version includes black leather on the vamp and bolted hexagon eyelets, staying true to Iron Man’s flashy armor. Each Era includes a comic strip from their crime-fighting heroes on the back and quarter panels with bold accents on the front panels including a striking white web on black canvas and bright red suede.

The collection is now available at Select Vans retailers.”

I pretty much nicked the majority of this post from Defgrip, you should check their site. Some rad shit on there.

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