Greats Royale in ‘Jean’

Ohhhh, it’s all coming together here – last time I checked Greats, the site was a mess and I couldn’t make out Martha from Arthur, but not it’s all cleaned up and looking slick again.

Which should get you psyched for a new paid of sneakers, which ones to get? Grab the latest incarnation of Greats’ Royale silhouette, you got a new color available too > a “Jeans” suede, a rich dark blue tone that recalls heavyweight denim.

A luxe, high-end sneaker fit for the king of any castle, every shoe is handmade in Italy by the world’s most renowned craftsmen only using premium Italian suede.  The inside is lined with a rich vegetable tan vachetta calf leather, most often used for luxury bags, making socks optional.

If you’re in the market for some minimal, but very good quality sneakers, it’s hard to beat Greats. The Royale is available now for $160 (usd) over at the Greats website (no wholesaling here)