Broken Homme

Broken Homme

Stomper boots are like so hot right now. They’re tough as shit as well. If you get a good pair you’ll have them forever. These are good pairs.

Made in the USA from USA leather, Broken Homme is a new brand doing rad things. The guys who founded it are really nice people too. Josh, one half of Broken Homme was at one of the surf/skate brands previously as a creative director, got sick of it, and went and kick started the brand. He also enjoys time on the lake, at the beach and long windy walks with his soul mate.

Broken Homme’s debut range comes in higher oxford style boots and also low-cut numbers, couple of different colors as seen in a previous post we did. Fortunately, you can see the their entire debut range right now, right here.

They’ve also launched their digital set up, finally, dude was running a bugged out site for a while. But it’s up in all it’s glory now. Go check it out.

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