Wrangler’s been in the denim game since 1904, but late last year, they partnered with UK start-up Mosevic to present an innovative and more sustainable approach to the production of eyewear.

Mosevic launched last year via Kick Starter, and now their concept of recycling denim into solid denim eyewear is in full swing, currently running out of their workshop in Cornwall. Every pair is hand made by layering discarded and damaged denim with a strong resin to create the frames, and finished with high quality Divel Italia and Zeiss lenses.

The variety of pre-loved denim used means each pair is unique, ingrained with the history of the denims previous life.

In Wrangler’s ongoing quest to address VF’s Global Compliance Principles, of not only worker’s welfare and ethically sound practices, but also minimising the effect on the environment, the partnership with Mosevic is exciting on multiple levels. To kick it off they’ve repurposed redundant fabric into this limited edition, 4 piece collection which is now available to shop.