Drift :: Launch LA

By Lincoln Eather, On July 27, 2012

Drift :: Launch LA

There are a few ‘wooden eyewear’ brands out there at the moment, but not as many with this much thought and interest put into them as Drift.

Drift have been around for about a year now but are really hitting their straps. The new Delta Blues collection is particularly well thought out. The arms are handcrafted from re-claimed logs found at the bottom of the Mississippi River.

The story is that back in the logging days, companies would float the fallen timber down the river. The densest of these logs actually sank to the bottom. That was a hundred years ago. Now there is a wealth of water petrified wood to be used.  Drift found an ad on Craigslist from a guy who dives for these logs with scuba gear and chains and sells it direct. His ad reads: ‘Why pay more, when you can pay me?”

Pretty neat hey?

The arms of the shades are double riveted to hand-made acetate frames, which keeps them as sturdy as, well, the logs the arms are made from.

The name Delta Blues comes from the blues musicians who use to travel around the old logging camps and make their living by entertaining the lumberjacks.

Get your hands on some. They are collectors’ items for sure.

(go to site for images of logs and lumberjacks if they have some)