Cool Cats & Super

By Lincoln Eather, On November 23, 2011

Cool Cats & Super

If you’re looking for some fruity shades to roll in this summer (or winter if you’re up north), this might be the pair you need. Super, the brand who push out some of the more interesting shapes, looks, etc have teamed up with the Cool Cats from France.

Outfitted with the premiere Carl Zeiss lens adorned with two cartoonish gleams and a specially designed box, you will definitely look at the world differently through these cool pairs of shades created by the French collective. Comes in matte black or polished frames, etched with the impossibly cool feline mascot, both are now available at RETROSUPERFUTURE online store for a limited time only.

Can’t say I’d roll with them, but I know a trendy guy who probably would…

via Freshness

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