Stumbled across this brand via a loud BING when an email hit my inbox. A click here, a click there and I’m looking a start up brand from NYC from a young designer – Kenso Trabing. XXK has a site and it’s about page says ‘snappin necks’. Interesting.

It’s nice to see brand starting with more then just tee’s in their ‘collection’, XXK has some brightly colored denim for those who dig that – yellow and blue. And a nice looking windbreaker in a purple colorway. Tee prints are good with the highlight one being the ‘give ’em enough rope’ print.

Not sure what was happening with the brand, I asked Kenso a couple of questions:

Reasons for starting it:

I started XXK out of frustration. Every time I go out shopping, all I can find are t-shirts with logos slapped on them. Contemporary streetwear is the only place in the fashion world where slapping logos on garments is acceptable, but I think that’s going to change. Logos are symbols of brands and brands are subject to barriers created by geography, economics and cultural arrangements. Taste, on the other hand, is universal and technology is only making the world smaller. I’m confident enough to say that XXK is one of the most tasteful collections in contemporary streetwear, but I’m humble enough to work my ass off.

Direction it’s heading:

It’s headed to the top.

Hole in the market you’re trying to fill:

I’m not sure if I’m trying to fill a hole in the market as much as I want to dominate the market. People get uncomfortable when someone acknowledges their competitive spirit while pursuing a creative endeavor, but from the perspective of a fashion designer, it is a competition. It’s a competition for discretionary income; it’s a competition for shelf space; and it’s a competition for press. That doesn’t mean I don’t respect the competition, it actually means the opposite; I have to work as hard as I do just for a consumer to consider me as a viable alternative to the competition.

Check out more at XXK, where you can purchase online.

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