Warriors of Radness :: Fall

By Lincoln Eather, On November 2, 2012

Warriors of Radness :: Fall 

It’s going to be a two horse race for the title of funnest, don’t give a fuck, cali (malibu?) surf culture. In one corner we have The Brothers Marshall and in the other we have Warriors of Radness (that the BM started way back when). We showed you the fall collection of the BM earlier this week – bums, boobs and beers littered their photoshoot. Today, we are showing you the WOR’s shoot.

It’s a great looking range, from what we see, that has one piece in particular that just rees of 80′s style gone wrong. Can you pick it?
Al the other pieces look pretty good. Strong color choice, great prints/graphics (BLAZE) and probably the most toned down run of images we’ve seen from the WOR.

Thoughts? I like it. You?

via The Beast