Vanishing Elephant :: Hi Summer

I always wondered how some companies can design the raddest collection ever, but then when it comes to sell the thing to the masses, they slack on their campaign shoot and shoot something that resembles a Big W catalogue.

Vanishing Elephant’s shoot for Hi-Summer isn’t quite THAT bad, but it certainly isn’t anything too fancy, which is a shame because their new range is pretty bitchin. Maybe, they were going for minimalist chic, or maybe they just don’t care about photography.

As you have probably already seen in the photos it’s a fairly light-hearted, summery range with a heavy emphasis on pastel colours and Hawaiian-esque graphics that are pretty easy on the eye. Out favourites include: Blue short sleeve shirt (we believe it’s called the Ostend) and the walkshort with a whole bunch of Egyptians or something on them (named Longport).

You can buy the range now.

Source: HypeBeast

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