URCHIN’s Doomsday

Urchin’s Doomsday

URCHIN are a design agency? a collection of drunk mates? shorts guys with one tall guy? hard to actually define who/what they are. They are rad tho, they are also the gents who changed November to Movember and they are quite talented.

To get away from the client work they constantly pump out, URCHIN has gone out on a limb and are celebrating humanities impending doom. Remember those Mayan’s who said we’re all doomed this year, yeah those guys, well this is URCHIN’s twist on it.

And just quietly how good is it to NOT see an anchor on a tee, or stripes, or an ‘X’ with letters on it or something along the lines of what WGSN are putting out. Rolling in two simple colors – Black.White. You can get them over at URCHIN

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