Seea :: Launch LA

By Lincoln Eather, On July 30, 2012

Seea :: Launch LA

We posted on these guys a couple months back. They’re doing great things.

Seea started when the head designer, Amanda, made a couple of functional surf suits to take on holidays to Costa Rica. While there, a bunch of girls kept coming up asking where she ‘bought’ the product. The interest prompted her to launch her own line with her husband Brian.

Now into a full range, these have nice classic lines and plenty of fabric interest. The suits have a definite retro throw back look to them, but the lines are all about function. Nothing worse than have your bikinis slide off in front of a pack of rabid surf Nazi douche bags.

When designing each style, the four things Seea look to do is: 1. Make sure it’s functional. 2. Create some fabric interest, either through texture or print. 3. Breathe a sense of fun into the piece. 4. Keep the styling full of beauty and grace.

Not a bad way to look at things. No wonder what they make is so interesting.

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