Rhythm | Winter 11

Rhythm | Winter 11

Rhythm almost had a Pipe Master last year. I was psyching for KP to win it – given how hard he charges out at OTW and that stretch of beach every season he def would have deserved it. But he didn’t. Damn shame. Still, he still gets some pretty neat threads to kick around Byron in… Have you ever peeped Rhythm’s range before, it’s pretty sweet and what we have here is a look at their Winter collection…

With the whole surf hipster movement starting to take place in the market at the moment, Rhythm should do quite well over the next couple of seasons. We’re particularly digging the return of corduroy. Cord Pants especially, shirts I’m not so sold on just yet. Some of the tee’s are pretty neat – some easy on the eye basics, and of course the traditional graphic prints…

Pieces we think you should be looking at include the Cage Crew – a real nice clean crew neck sweater; the rock crew – also a clean simple crew. If you want to get weird you could take a look at the Infinity Slub hood hahah…

You can check out the entire range over HERE

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