MF1 – An Interview w/Jamahl Grey

MF1 – An Interview w/Jamahl Grey

We’ve already spoken a bit about the MF1 – the new boardshort from Rip Curl. It’s been constructed from one piece of material, all wrapped up in itself so to speak. We got some words about the boardie itself from Mick earlier but thought it’d be wise to have a chat to the head of boardshorts in at Rip Curl as well. Try and get some more info about it all…

So, we introduce you to Jamahl Grey, Global Boardshort Business Unit Manager for Rip Curl.

EA – One phrase that gets thrown around a lot in different circles is ‘Less is More’. How’s the less concept working better for the MF1?

JG – The goal was to reduce the negative effects of seams in the boardshort while surfing. Less seams equals more hours of enjoyment in  the water without rashing your bits and the MF1 removes over one meter of seams compared to a regular boardshort. The seam we have developed is also so flat that when you look at the MF1 from the inside it is actually difficult to see or feel the seams. Finally we were able to place the seams away from sensitive areas and angled the seams to provide flexibility.

EA – Explain how you came up with the one piece design. How does it work to improve current boardshort performance?

JG – See above

EA – Will it spread out to the rest of the top tier Mirage range? Or stay unique to Mick’s collection…

JG – We have multiple styles using facets of this designs for our Summer and Hi-Summer 13 lines.

EA – The MF1 has a lot of new features happening on it – ghost waistband, batfly and the 1 piece construction. Is this like a perfect storm for board-short design? If so, how can you improve it?

JG – We set out to make the ultimate boardshort for our marque surfer. Grab a pair and have a surf once that new hip of yours sorts itself out and see for yourself. Mick has been involved from the design brief stage through to final production. He is stoked, everyone who wears them are stoked, we are selling them really well so I am stoked. 

EA – How much input did Mick have?

JG – See above

EA – Where do you look for inspiration for forthcoming ranges? Both technically and aesthetically?

JG – Pretty much all of the technical innovation for this short has come from working really closely with the people in our factories. Aesthetic ideas are constantly being thrown at me from our design team and I also try to keep me digits on the pulse of what is happening in our industry and beyond.

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