ISAORA Fall 12

ISAORA Fall 12

This is late by internet standards, but bang on time by retail standards. ISAORA’s fall collection is hitting retail this month (if it’s not already in store) and what you see, you can buy – either online at ISAORA or at one of the stockists.

The Fall Collection is rad, there’s a jacket in there that reminds of me Green Lantern (shit movie, epic comic), lovely looking jackets – both puffy and non puffy varieties. There’s some fruity gloves too, weird. Overall tho, ISAORA do what ISAORA do well and make eye catching product that’s backed by quality materials. You can really sense the background of the founders coming thru in this (one is from big world of fashion) with the progressive nature of some of the pieces – hopefully inspires other outerwear companies to take some risks.

Go buy some at ISAORA.

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