Dion’s Globe

Dion’s Globe

Dion Agius just resigned to another multi-year deal with his major sponsor, Globe. Part of that deal was Dion designing his own signature collection – Tee’s, Trunks, and Shoe’s. We’ve got a quick peek of it here, and it’s pretty impressive, the footwear especially.

The tee’s are of the style Dion like’s – billowing neck line’s that allow two headed monsters to squeeze thru easily, but even if large necked tee’s aren’t your cup of tea, the graphics might be. A skull kind of eating it self/mirrored – looks cool. And a chick wearing a bandana over her mouth – also looks cool.

The trunks, two lengths. 17inch and 20inch – covering both the long legged and short legged varieties. Same pattern on both, but one in black and the other in purple.

The shoes are available in a hi and lo style, with both being as appealing as each other. Materials used are a mix of waxed canvas / full grain leather, with the full grain leather in the high looking downright amazing. The canvas on the low’s looking pretty slick as well .Vulc’d sole that has some sort of washed out look applied to it.

Details are as follows:

Tees are $59.99
Boardies $69.99
Release August 1

High Top’s are $109
Low Top’s are $89
Release May 1

I’m guessing the ‘where’s wally’ styled tee we’ve Dion styling in lately will be making a release in a later collection?

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