Brixton Mens Holiday Collection

We’re back, we took a couple of weeks off, enjoyed the holidays – surfed, ate, got burnt, etc, all the good things that you do in summer. To kick things back off we’re reporting on something that’s definitely not summery > Brixton Mens Holiday Collection.

Brixton Mens Holiday

Brixton’s an easy win. You know what you’re getting, it’s slightly updated each season to play to any new trends (colors, materials, etc) and always solid. This is a quick look at their holiday run, which is available in stores now…


Holiday, in my eyes, is where Brixton really shine. They nail an amazing range of jackets, shirts and of course headwear. This season is no different. Good pieces, easy colors to wear and nothing to outrageous makes it a clean collection – the type of brand/ranges you know you can go back to season in, season out and get good stuff.

Brixton Mens Holiday

Way more images, and click thru icons to buy, all over here on the Brixton Mens Holiday Look book page.

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