Amore & Sorvete

Amore & Sorvete

Summer’s almost here in Australia, you can see the anticipation of everyone everywhere you walk. Talks of BBQ’s, drinking outside and beach time – plenty of beach time – are the main topics of conversation. And why not? Summer is fun. Need some more inspiration to get excited? How about a peek at what Amore & Sorvete have happening?

Amore & Sorvete means ‘Love & Ice Cream’ in some other language, either way, pretty awesome. How good is Ice Cream! Anyway, A&S are a neat little swimwear set up from WA, down south to be exact I think…

So if you need some new swimwear for the upcoming Summer season, have a peek here, you’d be hard pressed to not want to buy any. Their latest collection is a mix of architectural cuts, springtime colours and floral prints with black. I’d like to nominate some highlight pieces, but I’m a guy looking a cute girl in swimwear – it’s all highlights..

Ladies, what’s your thoughts?

Head on over to Amore & Sorvete for more information on where to buy, what the rest of the collection looks like, etc…

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