Wesc & The Standard

Wesc & The Standard

Seems The Standard is the go to hotel chain for collaborations these days, think I’ve actually lost count of how many products they we’re a part of last year. This year tho, this year sees them kick off with a nice little collection with Wesc.

Part of Wesc’s Fall 2011 (which is on display at Agenda) the collection consists of wallets headphones. Keeping it nice and clean with single color stories (if you don’t count black) for the wallets that include Red, Black, Blue and Gold of which there seem to be three styles to choose from – girls and guys are both covered. Hard to imagine those wallets being 100% genuine leather given the colors used, so maybe don’t expect to much from them?

And a nice deep khaki for the headphones – could be more colors for the headphones, but who knows…? The style looks like their popular Oboe style, but with a different over the head piece? maybe, i’m not sure…

Like all other Standard collections, it’d be fair to say that you’re only getting these if you stay at The Standard…

images vie HS

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