Incase & Warhol

The Incase/Andy Warhol Collection must be selling a butt-load of product if they’ve decided to do a fifth range. This newest batch might be a bit loud for some, but people who gorge on Andy will probably buy enough to sustain another five instalments.

Unlike previous Incase/Andy collections, this range has flagged the backpack and focused on a couple of tote bags that will cover 13-inch MacBook perfectly as well as a giant range of iPhone 4 and iPad covers.

The main part of the range uses art from his 1966 Cow Wallpaper work and his 1966 film Chelsea Girls while some of his self portrait work and his So Many Stars painting is used to add some flavour to some iPhone cases.

Want one? They’re available now from Incase.

Photos from Hypebeast and Incase.

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