Two guys who have a weird sense of humour. One with very poor grammaer  skills the other a published author. Your, you’re, their, there, they’re – I don’t care. It’s retarded how many people hit us up about how bad my grammar is (Tim’s is awesome, sometimes.). But in all seriousness, if you do want to know what we’re about – glaze your eyes over the below…

“Empire Ave is an Australian-centric content platform whose core focus is on art, fashion and tech-product developments across contemporary mens fashion and beach lifestyle. We also like uncovering new brands anywhere around the globe, featuring business articles for start-ups in the industry, showing how Aussie brands are doing abroad and also interviewing interesting people who graffiti unicorns, or the like.

If we have something interesting to say about contemporary lifestyle fashion, we’ll run our mouths too, but it’s not our focus.

Good imagery. Original content. Irreverent, but informed tone. April Fools. Ka-pow.”

Contact: info@empireave.com

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